On the east side of Ikebukuro is Sunshine 60, a shopping center/office building/aquarium/you-name-it plus observatory. At 60 floors and 239.7m high, it’s hard to miss. When it opened back in 1978, it was (we are told) the tallest building in East Asia.

The observation deck on the top floor offers phenomenal views over Tokyo, stretching as far as Mount Fuji on very clear days. Other landmarks to keep an eye out for include Roppongi Hills , Shinjuku’s skyscraper district and Tokyo Tower . You can also sometimes catch a glimpse of Tokyo Disneyland , Mount Tsukuba and even the Izu Peninsula .

Access to the observation deck is not free, but if you’re in the area and looking for a viewpoint, it’s worth a peek. If you’re into Virtual Reality, there are various aerial VR experiences offered on the observation deck too. The whole floor was recently rebranded as Sky Circus.

There are restaurants on the two floors below the observation deck, offering pretty impressive views themselves.

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